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OHANA HOUSE organic potstickers are delicate oriental dumplings filled with the highest quality organic vegetables, meats and spices available. Made fresh in our USDA and QAI Organic certified plant in Southern California, our potstickers are fully cooked then immediately quick frozen to lock in its unique flavor and texture.

OHANA HOUSE potstickers can be quickly and easily prepared. Whether microwaved, pan-fried, steamed, or boiled, their delightful taste will keep your family coming back for more. Serve it as an appetizer, quick snack, buffet accommodation, side dish or as a delicious meal in itself.

OHANA HOUSE organic potstickers come in a variety of fillings: chicken and vegetable, pork and vegetable, vegetable and tofu. We can even custom make a potsticker flavor for institutional quantity orders.

• Great taste: authentic Asian flavor made with the best organic ingredients
• Safe: made fresh in the USA, USDA inspected, fully cooked then quick frozen
• Convenient: just one minute in the microwave and it's ready to eat!
• Versatile: can be served in a variety of ways - fried, in soups, boiled, or steamed
• Healthier snack alternative for kids vs. potato chips, chocolates, other junk foods

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